Indian Culture

Suraj Ka Satavaan Ghoda!!!!

I read this book few days back. In the book writer describes dreams of a character who is very influenced by the stories of the MANIK MULLA(another character of the book). In the dream, He saw some people from the stories. Similarly, I had a dream about people around me (wing mates) when I was in college. Somehow i have remembered that dream. So, let me write about it.

“I suddenly got up from my deep sleep. Both doors of the room were closed and i don’t know what the time was. As I started getting control on my senses, my ear told me that I was hearing a very strange sound. I went out from the room and saw things which were not the same as when I went to sleep. I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t tell what the time was, just by looking at sky. Door of a near by room was slightly open*. Two lovebirds were sitting inside and doing some romantic activities. One of them was my wing mate and other one is his lab partner. In spite of all curiosities I over looked it and went ahead.

I saw a Helicopter, must be some advanced version of Apache, flying in front of our wing. This helicopter was almost uncovered. I could see who was flying the helicopter. He was my roommate** and his co-pilot is sitting just behind him. This one is also one of my wing mate***. Blades of the copter were quite long and pilot was having hard time to control the copter and sometimes he is missing the walls by few inches. Co-pilot had had a rocket launcher kind of weapon and he doesn’t know how to use it and scolding his pilot for bringing strange weapon. I thought these guys are having fun. But I don’t know from where they have found the Helicopter.

Then I moved closer to it and saw few of my wing mates**** are standing in front of a room and arguing with a girl. Very strange! A girl in our wing. I asked them what the matter is, then they told me that she was offering 1 rupee per kiss but she was then miscalculating number of kisses and asking more money. As their argument went stronger I got myself involved in it. And she got very angry and start attacking on us (Must be judo expert). She treated us well and no one left with enough energy to stand in front of her.” And all of sudden I wake up.

Some time later, I told this dream to my friends they interpreted it like this. “The love birds were not in love. But, my wing mate’s lab partner was a vampire and she was drinking his blood. The two helicopter guys are vampire busters came to catch her. And the girl was assistant of the vampire and making us not to look into my wing mate’s room by offering cheap kisses.”

Any more interpretations?

*Jhawar’s Room


***Chaitanya Mishra

****Shishir, Saurabh , Jaggu and BHALOO


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