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Why should i love my country? Why not only my state or city? OR only my family??
OR a chosen girl and spend whole life to make her happy??

Why is it necessary for the people to love their country?

You get variety of response for this questions:

1. This is a bad question for many. If i am asking this question then i am a separatist. This question is forbidden and one shouldn’t ask this question.

2. For some, this question is irrelevant because you always love the thing which you belong to. They mean that its natural to love your own country and there is no need of any reason. One loves ones country just because one was born in it.

3. Some likes to provide an answer and say that sometimes you need people to fight for the nation. There can be possible external attacks. In that movement, country needs motivated people to defend it and that is why people should love their nation.

4. Some go further and try to argue that most of the serious problems of a country can only be solved at national level. Like education, poverty etc. You can not solve them locally because things are strongly connected inside a country. That connection can be economic, social or political. So, whenever you attack any of these problems then your thinking should match with complexity and order of the problem. So, Idea of country should be very clear in your head then only you can think in right order. So, one should love your country to achieve that clarity.

5. And i say, i love it because in my childhood everybody asked me to love it. My teacher, my parents , my books, my television, everyone was telling me, you belong to a great INDIA and you should love it. All those patriotic songs they used to feed this love in my head. They brainwashed me to love India. I guess thats why i love it. I guess again that it is the reason why any individual love it.

All views more or less true and saying the same story.

Love is not some thing that needs a reason. It just need a trigger. Once it exist then it becomes self existing point and then there is no need of justification anymore.


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