Why copying is BAD?

If u are a reader of slash-dot then you may be aware of how much fuss is going on P2P downloads of copyrighted stuff in Europe.

Some ppl argue that there should be no difference in the Eyes of Law in between “illegal downloads” and “stealing a chewingum” . They are even saying that P2P file sharing technology should be made illegal altogether.


First who is making so much noise about the issue??…….. Music Industry!!


Sales are going down by 3% every year!! And as an industry its a concern!!

Are musicians dying out of hunger because of this piracy??

No!! not the good ones certainly.

Are they making noise about the issue??

Not so much!! They are making their music as their passion!! They know if they are good enough, then they will make money. And enough money!!

Who is actually suffering??

Music Companies!! Their executives are seeing this technological change would blow their companies away. Payoffs of selling music may go low. So, They can’t be paid big fat salaries by the companies anymore. May be things in future would be entirely different. So, they are putting all the possible efforts to turn it around. Such As, making strange anti-piracy laws.

Meanwhile, they have forgotten that this technology once had made them. When first time storing and reproducing of the music was possible, musicians were thinking they will loose all their value and no one would care about them. As Humans can’t stop listening music and they always need new music to listen. So, It doesn’t happen. And Industrial revolution came, A whole economic structure was formed to deliver music from Musicians to the end listeners.

Now this technology is changing again. And these “middle mens” are feeling that reason of their existence is disappearing. So, They are fighting against the technology. and fighting against their own costumers. They are not looking for an economical structure and laws compatible with the technology but they are trying to restrict technology to remain compatible to economy and law. This is natural. They can’t do anything else other then this.

No one can stop technology, One day or another they will learn this. It seems very obvious that present structure of copyrighted industry should change, But why they don’t understand this. I guess a simple reason, Their own existence is on stake, so they have to fight. We can’t expect them just to pack their bags and go away.

The game is to realize soon that how to live with Internet piracy. And come up with something different.

Hail!! Piracy!!

I am sure one day they will make a movie like “Good Night and Good Luck!!” to show today’s pathetic laws when students were sued for downloading music.


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