Let them fight!!

Today, I attended a lecture of a Philistine scholar who was studying planning and city management during the conditions like wars. He told us lots of difficulties they are facing in managing the cities. Military officers of Israili army are not co-operative. They implement such rules such that people suffocate in their own cities. How people are not allowed to do construction in their own land? Then this guy showed how they work around in always changing situations.

Israeli army is highly aggressive. They have occupied lots of areas in Philistine. so map of Philistine is full of Israeli occupation holes. Now, some call it as swiss cheese. At some places they have penetrated from the both side of the border. This way they have divided philistine land in three parts and they are connected only by a single road which Israeli open and close any time as they wish.

After the lecture, I went and introduced him myself as no identity. I asked this guy that which kind of occupation is done by Israeli army if they capture the city and control the administration or they push you away from the city. He said that it is of both kind.
Then i asked “ why are u want to be remain as philistine if this much trouble is there then just convert to Israeli.”

He replied “Who are you?”

I said “I am Indian!! Don’t take me prejudiced towards Israelis. I am worried on your behalf. In India we are facing 100s of such conflicts and all of them because of same reason. Everybody is fighting for their identities such as Hindu, Muslim, Tamil, Kashmiri. My country has no less problems.”

He said “You said you are an Indian. Lets say if ….”

“Yes! but i earlier said i am no one, My passport says i am Indian but i would like to be No One. My query is what if we can drop our identities and learn to create a unified place. No matter in what name or religion.” I clarified.

He interrupted me and said “Its not normal to be no one. Where do you live?”

“In a student hostel.”

“If caretaker of the student hostel say that he would not let you in because you are noone then what will you do??”

“I will ask him just let me know that he want me to be which kind of person. If he want me to be Jew, Christian , Muslim or whatsoever i will switch to that identity and then he will happily let me in”

He smiled and said, “I understand your point but it wouldn’t work.”

I said“I am sure if you will admit my idea then it will work. Why it wouldn’t work?”

Now, he laughed and said “Just write a letter to Kofi Annan! He will propose this solution in UN”

Then I stressfully said “if i can’t convince a person right here who is not defying this idea and also not accepting it. Then how whole world would listen to me”

“I am saying write a letter to Kofi Annan”, He pressed my solder and smiled.

“Thank you for listening to me!!”said I with surprise.

“Thank you, for coming here!!” said he and he walked away.



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