Indian Culture, Politics

A letter

“So as my promise, I am writing this letter to you & expect a similar response from you. Life is okay here. The city is beautiful. Infact, It is known as the ‘Paris of India’ – both in terms of beauty as well as culture. So that way, this city is a bit of cultural shock for us – the conventional , traditional north Indians. The attire here is entirly western. Jeans, T-shirts, tops skirts & what not. People are pretty rich here. You see Karizmas & Pulsurs & CBZs hopping around in the city. Incidentally, this city has max taxi density in the entire asia as per the stats. But despite all this, sadly, localits have a very poor image of army in their minds. Infact, they are so much anti army. Some attribute it to the much rumored atrocities committed by army regiments during the times of active militancy(1970s). They’re rude to army personal. Men here drink and smoke most of the time. Its the women who run households as well as shops. But mind you, they are pretty. Every commodity is easily available here, though the costs are usually high. Much interestingly, They take us as “Indians” i.e. foreigners for them, They are bloody thankless people,Yaar… (Rest is personal stuff).”

-Above letter is written by a military officer who is posted in somewhere in NE India to another officer.


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