Indian Culture

An event from memory

Few years back in a morning, I was passing by Kanpur railway station. I saw, a teenager guy was badly beating a 12 year old kid. The guy was fairly dressed. He must be from some middle class family. The kid was poorly dressed. Looked like one of those homeless kids who loiter around railway station. Railway station was full of people and no one was objecting it. I felt a chance to be hero. I went ahead, objected and said,

“Why are you beating this kid?”

Teenager stopped and angrily said “He was singing.”

I was surprised, “So, what! It is a free country. Anyone can sing.”

“He was singing a vulgar song.”

I asked him, “So, You hear vulgar words and you start beating this kid?”

“Yes! What if a woman hears his song.”

“But, No woman heard and nobody complained. If you didn’t like it then you should have called railway police. You don’t have any right to beat him.”

“I do swift justice. If i get in the mood then i hit straight. Scum! like these can only be dealt this way!”
(In hindi: “man aata hai to sidhe hussaad ke dete hain. in saaloon, ko laat hi samajh mein aati hai”)

I was so surprised and angry. I couldn’t control myself and immediately shouted, “This is not a Jungle. You live in a city!”

Luckily he didn’t replied and with a whim he walked away. After a movement I shouted again at his back,
“This is not a jungle.”

Someone in crowd said, “Go to your job, Man. Why are you involving in others matters?”


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