How to do science?(2)

“A talk is advertisement of your work. A good presentation is full of little lies!”

[ Here, my objection is not an argument but an opinion. ]
Presentations should be fluent, simple and clear. One should try to make them as easy to understand as possible. One shouldn’t throw many ideas on listeners face. One should try to use as simple language as possible. It is hard to follow these guidelines even if you know them.

But, I am against this “Advertisement” view of scientific presentations. Science in essence boring and it excites only boring people. Science is attractive only to a person who likes flow or reason across arguments. Packaging science in superficial exciting look doesn’t help science anyway. This can only attract people who don’t appreciate the rude and sharp nature of science. I have a feeling that there is a certain percentage of PhD students who do not really understand essence of science. They undermine the process of scientific reasoning.* Someone said that,

“Things should be made simple but not simpler!”

There is no science for layman. Either you understand it or you don’t. There is no simple explanation of complex ideas. An idea should be presented simply only if it can be simply presented without loosing soundness.

“A good presentation is full of little lies!”
This act of pretension, hand-waving can only mislead people. I hate when i see people doing this in their presentations. Some times these ones are considered the best.

It is presenter’s choice how he wants to do it. I will not say some presentation is bad until I understand what is presented. No matter how boring or flashy way it is done. If advice like above are advocated then i will stand to reject it.

* I don’t claim that i understand best about science. I am in process of learning and this is an attempt to tell what i think. Feel free to counter my opinion as blatantly as possible. 🙂


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