Why are Creationists winning the battles?

Here is a YouTube video which shows the argumentation between a creationist and a evolutionist.

Creationist’s position is very safe in a setting of debate. There are very limited ways to disprove them. They build their theory on top of some set of holy scriptures. One can disprove them by finding a contradiction within those scriptures. Other way to disprove them is to find a wrong natural fact stated in the scriptures. A creationist doesn’t have to show any evidence for his theory. Absence of an alternative explanation makes him right.

Creationists had observed problems with their theory long before scientific methods can notice. They have developed detailed list of escape routes from the attack of science. If you think naively that I understand science so i can easily refute creationist claims then you haven’t engaged with creationists. They know better about science then you would know about religion. Creationist’s objective of debate is not to find a right answer but to make sure that arguments of the other side don’t reach to the audience. During the debate if scientist doesn’t see this happening, she will certainly fail to make a point.

How does creationist escape?

Holy scriptures has been a dominating source of knowledge for a quite long time. You are not the first person who is examining them critically. In medieval times, there has been lots of effort to re-interpret holy scriptures again and again as any reasonable objection had risen. There has been mutually contradictory interpretations of the same scripture at different times by different people. In essence, they fix some set of holy scriptures and try to come up with a sane interpretation. This whole interpretation business has evolved in last 2000 years such that all possible inconsistencies can be removed. It is not the case they have removed all of them. It will be very hard to find an inconsistency in holy scriptures which can’t be fixed by a little twist of interpretation of the holy scriptures.

One can also try to find a wrong claim about a natural fact in holy scriptures. Creationists have already prepared its answer. All the holy scriptures are written in poetry. So, it is hard to decide that which part of the scriptures is direct description or which part is metaphorical. Again, this freedom of choice is subject to ones interpretation. Creationist will say that scriptures are not wrong but the interpretation is wrong.

Why does scientist fail to win the battle?

Creationist use people’s week understanding of scientific methods as their main tool. He just want to show common people that science is not the answer of all their questions and problems. Science is incomplete. It doesn’t answer everything. He will push scientist to the point where she can’t answer any further. At this point, she has to say I don’t know. Creationist will catch up right at this point and provide religious explanation. He can always do it because religion explains everything.

Science depends on experimental data. If an hypothesis is supported by enough data then it becomes a theory. Creationist will ask scientist what if all of your data is wrong. An honest scientist will say that it is quite possible. Creationist will immediately claim, “See! these scientists are not sure of their own theory. So, How can we believe them?”

All human knowledge, including science, is axiomatic. Creationist will show you that religion has axioms. Science also has axioms. Hence both are same. No one has an advantage over another. At this point of argument scientist feels lost. She doesn’t want to actually say the right answer to creationist’s claim because the difference between scientific axioms and religious axioms is subtle.* If she tries to explain then people may not listen.

The essence of science and its power can’t be explained in an hour long debate. Someone has to spend time and learn the ideas of science. Only after spending some time one can make sense of it.


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