Following video is part of the movie “La belle et La bete”(the beauty and the beast). The girl belle had to go and live with a beast for some reasons. She comes back to meet her family for a week. In this scene at 5:18 to 5:41, family ask her to stay and not go back. She says that she would go back. They ask if she loves the beast then she says, “No but, I am fond of him. It is not the same thing.”

It is quite interesting distinction. She made this distinction because she saw beast as an animal so far. She said many times before that she will do nothing which will hurt the beast. Many of us feel this way for animals but we may not love them. But, soon in the story beast elevates from the status of animal.

But when, he turns into prince charming then she says, “where is my beast?”. Now she is quite disappointed because of she made all that effort to love that beast and the beast is no more.

Just interesting!


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