Never make an unverified assertion!!

If you say that you never tell a lie then no one believe you. They don’t believe you not because they think that you are a deceitful person but they think that being truthful all the time is extremely hard job.

We carry billions of assertions(opinion) in our head and most of them are false. Many of them are formed because of some mis-observation, mis-information, or insufficient data. Some of them are self-illusions, that is,we think that we know some thing but there is no real observation corresponding to the opinion. Lets say I take up the task to verify all the opinion stored in my head. It is my personal observation that it is a very hard task to find out which set of the opinions stored in my head are not well verified.

Major problem in this task is that one is not consciously aware of all the one’s opinions. They are not enumerated inside one’s head where one can go and check them one after another. Somehow you have to bring them on the surface. Only means to bring any opinion at the level of conscience is to engage in an activity which force one to use the opinion.

Most obvious tool is to engage in discussions or arguments on various topics and don’t be ashamed of saying statements as the opinions say in the head. If other people point at some wrong opinion then check back the correct facts and fix the opinions.

I have observed people don’t appreciate the usefulness of serious discussions. They try to avoid it. They have certain conception for the negative effects of debate. Some of them are listed here:

  • Some people are just afraid of saying something false and being laughed at.
  • Sometimes difference of opinion in argumentation ends up offending other person.
  • Argumentation doesn’t give you anything and it is just waste of time.
  • Only the people who are smug about their knowledge like to engage in argumentation.

As I love to argue, I face above attitudes all the time. Here I just want to say that if you find me arguing somewhere just keep in mind why I love arguing.


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