Indian Culture

Movie: Sorry Bhai!

Interesting one!! Fans of  ‘ Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ must be rushing to watch this one. The 3rd film of  Chitrangada Singh.

Movie is about a guy who falls in love with the fiancée of his brother and ends up having live in relationship. I didn’t like it much. Just story flow didn’t feel natural.

This film displays the acceptance level of changes in the social values in India. It is a constant struggle for an Indian about which social value to keep or which one to let go, as we are running towards the industrialization and modernization.  There is noone who can provide a solid definition of ‘Indian social values’ but people have a vague idea about what is ok and what is off limits. Many of the social practices have become impractical and sometimes absurd in the light of  current shape of careers of people, knowledge, and cultural mix with western world. Main observation is that  now it is possible to make movies which finally says,

It’s OK. Things happens. Let, them live their life.

This movie not that famous in India.  Some of my friends have never heard the name of this movie.


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