Pakistan vs. Algeria

Latest events of Pakistan are so reminding me the history of Algeria. I have a limited knowledge of Algerian freedom struggle. My analogies may not be entirely accurate or may be grossly generalized.

Algeria was boiling in 1960s against French colonial occupation. It was the  last front of old school colonial occupation. FLN—quite Islamic and nationalist group—was carrying out violent insurgency against French. Eventually French suppressed this uprising with extreme brutality. After few years of this violent attempt, the people of Algeria took matters to the streets with massive protests. Finally, French political climate did change and they saw the wisdom in leaving the country. Then ex-terrorist became the freedom fighter and took charge of the country. This new government didn’t turn out to be just enough. Military became powerful and yielding influence over politics. Democratic process failed to run fluently. In 1990s, an ultra Islamic group won the elections and military refused to recognize their election. The usual justification behind this move was that the Islamic group is not civil enough to understand the modern concept of running a just state. The ultra Islamic group didn’t take it very lightly and took up arms. So, it started a bloody decade of brutality. It was vicious loop. More Islamic group rebelled. Military got more justification for brutal repression. This makes rebels more angry and more violence. Algerian government took very horrifying strategy to fight with these rebels. They committed massacres themselves and blamed it to the Islamic groups. Mainly to defame the rebellion such that population start hating them. Slowly, rebellion became week due to their internal clashes and slowly died.  Now Algeria is trying to recover from this bloody history.

Now! Pakistan, quite similar history. Pakistan, which used be part of British India,  born when British left India.  Their creation struggle is lead by Muslim league, a quite Islamic and nationalist group. In Pakistan, democracy could never establish itself. Soon, Army was in control. Military coups has been regular in last 6o years. The government has not been effective in delivering the needs of population. Now! Ultra Islamics are taking hold of the country. Similarly as it was in Algeria, the Pakistani government is coming into direct confrontation to these Islamic groups.

Now! what is the route Pakistani government going to take? Try to kill them all? From Algeria case, we learn that it will be bloody specially for civilians. Is there another way, for example talking to them? It does not seems great idea as their demand is not to get justice but to deliver justice(Sharia law) at their will.

There are some questions whose answer can lead to the solution. How do they get sophisticated weapon system? Who is selling them? Why can’t they be stopped from getting weapons? There must be some genuine demands of locals. Why don’t pakistani government tries to address them?


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