Justice or Civil War!!

The large game of geo-politics is hard to understand. When you listen long and hard enough, you start grasping the essence of arguments said all over the sources. The discourse over terrorism is like this.

Today, state powers all over the world fighting with terrorists. States attacks them with extreme brutality.  Such as recently, Sri Lanka wiped out LTTE, while killing 20000 people, allegedly. Israel tried to destroy Hamas in January, while killing 1300 people. You see two kinds of response of such state brutality.

First, the cheer leading response of destruction of terrorist organization. The cheer leaders celebrate end of an era of barbarism. They say now it is a new start. Lets finish off all the rest of them and we will live happily ever after.

Second, the angry response against the way in which these brutal anti-terror operations are conducted. The angry ones argue that terrorism doesn’t exist in the thin air. Its source lies in the injustice done against some people at some point of time by the state. Slowly, it fed anger in the  oppressed people and a terrorist organization was born. Terror groups do horrible atrocities on innocent people. No injustice can be justification of another injustice. So, these terrorist organizations need some dogmatic ideology from which they can draw moral justification of their terrorist acts. Islamic fundamentalism is one of those ideologies. When these terrorist groups become large enough, all one see is the epic fight between the ideologies of state and terrorists. Each one of them hiding behind their own moral justifications. The angry people say deliver justice instead of killing people. The terrorist problem will disappear. As Arundhati says, “Justice or Civil War!!”

The cheer leading group responds with the amazement of the naivety of above argument. They say, ” Do you mean we should not kill  these horrible criminals. Let them walk around and deliberately kill  our innocent civilians. Do you think these people are demanding some kind of justice?”

The members of cheer leading group are not lapdogs of the  state. They also say, ” Yes! injustice has been done in the past by the state but these terrorists have nothing to do with those injustice. They are driven by the dogmatic ideology such as Islamic fundamentalism. They want to impose those ideologies on you. Don’t be naive. Let the state first kill these terrorists then we will deal with the justice.”

Meanwhile, state powers keep killing 1000s of civilians in the process of killing bunch of terrorists.


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