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Operation Green Hunt: Blood bath is about to begin!!

Another military operation with another cool name. Now! India engages in ‘War against Naxals’. I was wondering why not ‘war on Naxals’.

A quick background, Central India has large area of forest, where huge tribal population lives.  They are 25% population of India.  They are poor and target of hyper social injustice. There people only know government in the form of the police. Police acts with full impunity. Police is hardly distinguishable from goons of land lords. I guess I don’t have to explain you that legal system is also fully rigged. So, this area is a lucrative market for selling communist revolution. During last 60 years, Maoist Communists (aka Naxals) have been leading armed rebellion. They literally want to overthrow Indian government. Their leadership might have been Maoist but most of their recruits hardly know who was Chairman Mao. Mostly, tribal young men join Naxals in a state of desperation. In result, there has been mindless brutal civil war between  police and Naxals.

Recently, this civil war has been escalated. There are multiple theories behind this escalation. One theory says( Tipping-point theory ), Naxals tried to assassinate Chief Minister of a state. In revenge, police unleashed its brutality on the tribes. So, tribal men started joining naxals. Other theory says (Vested interest theory), Government and corporations have developed great interest in minerals under these forest land. They are using one reason or another to force people out of the land. This new wave of brutality is giving Naxals a greater support among tribes.  There may be other explanations. I don’t know which one is true.

Now! Indian army is being deployed. 75000 soldiers will fight ‘Operation Green Hunt’. I am highly worried about upcoming events. Each time Indian arm forces are deployed within India, they are given a special ‘license to kill’. No accountability! Murderous military units are rewarded. If anyone demands accountability then he/she is either anti-national or naive.

I don’t know how to deal with armed rebellion if not military force. Government has to deploy armed forces. The problem is lack of accountability. Kashmir and Assam have left deep scars. There army has been given license to kill and problems haven’t been solved.

Please! Please! Please! Don’t raise armed forces beyond realm of doubt and accountability. It has not solved and will not solve India’s political problems.


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