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Conversations with history

Conversations with history is an interview series done by a UC Berkeley prof Harry Kreisler. They also have YouTube webpage. They have more than 100 interviews with very eminent people (academics, politicians, and public servants) of US and also outside of US. I am currently addicted to it. The selection of people is so diverse such that you can get into all sorts of political and social opinions and get to know the people who are behind those opinions.

Here are some samples

The Noam Chomsky: The sophisticated Left

Christopher Hitchens: The ex-left. Now! He defends Iraq invasion. Outspoken atheist

Robert Fisk:  Journalist for a UK news paper, He says “Yes! middle east people need freedom. They need freedom from us (western powers).”

David Harvey: A Marxist

Shashi Tharoor:  Ex-UN diplomat, minister in current govt of India.

There are many other gems in the list. Find yourself.


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