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‘New deal’ in coaching mafia!

These days I am visiting my hometown Kanpur. This time I planned to meet a few school time friends. These are a few people whom I know and they have nothing to do with technology. They told me many things which I couldn’t have known otherwise. One should remain in contact with old friends. 🙂

One friend told be me about the new dealings in coaching mafia.

First a little bit background. IIT/Medical entrance preparation coaching centers  have been the place to make career in Kanpur. Students from all over the state UP come here to realize their dream. And, Government does not like it. Government has been trying many failed tricks to break the back bone of this coaching mafia for a long time. For example, changing exam patterns every year.

Now this coaching mafia has realized a new opportunity. They noticed that students pay them because students live a dream to have a degree of B. Tech. So, why to depend on these government colleges? Let’s start our own colleges and start stamping degrees. In last 5 years, more than 35 new engineering colleges have been started in Kanpur, which are magically getting government recognition. These new institutes have close ties with the coaching centers. That is a dangerous mix which leads to deception and potential exploitation of new students.

I guess lacks(.1M) of students come to Kanpur with the dream of getting selected in some respectable institute. They join these coaching places and spend their 1-2 years. They eventually make good relations and trust with the coaching teachers. Many students get selected with very bad ranks in UP state entrance exam. Then they need advice to select a good enough career making degree stamping college in the lot to rotten colleges. Now! These coaching teachers are cutting deals with engineering colleges for recommending the college to their coaching students. This is a sad scenario where new students purely helpless and do not know what to choose and whom to trust. They never know who has eaten money. Even engineering college students are paid to came and praise certain engineering colleges.

This coaching mafia should be regulated like any other trade. Instead of Government trying to break backbone of coaching mafia, it should attempt to make sure that coachings are free of corruption and work for benefit of their clients, namely students.


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