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Facing a romanian: legacy of communism

In last 4+ years of my stay in Europe, I have met many Romanians. They are especially pissed off at their communist past. They equivocally reject ‘dysfunctional’ communism and praise ‘miraculous’ capitalism. So far I haven’t met a single leftist from Romania. It seems Romanian left died with death of communism.

I have only met Romanians, who are 20 to 35-year-old, who have been moved to western europe, and who have been reasonably successful in their career. They have seen the communism in their childhood. They saw scarcity of everything. When they became teenager, their country was free from communism. They graduated in some technical college in post-communist Romania, while it was struggling to stand up on its feet. Now! they have moved out and living in affluent western europe.

They claim to have experienced the communism. They say that it is some thing that doesn’t work. It is a nice theory but never should have been put to practice. They seem not even ready to listen a single word of sympathy for communist idea. The socialist leaning arguments repulse them. Once, I heard  a Romanian saying following argument over a proposed health care tax in switzerland in 2006,

Any healthcare system is always unfair to able and rich. Since, they can afford better food so they are less likely to get sick. On the other hand, poor and weak can not take care of themselves well so they seek health care more often than rich. Therefore, if this law is passed then rich should pay less health care tax compare to poor.

Here! I am not trying to streotype them. It is just the sample of people I have met. They suffered under a system and they have learned to hate it. May be, my observation is wrong.


2 thoughts on “Facing a romanian: legacy of communism

  1. Interesting analysis. I feel like I am one of the Romanian subjects of this post. I’m happy to make these two corrections: rejecting the “dysfunctional” communism does not necessarily means praising the capitalism.
    The fact that you haven’t yet met left-admiring Romanians does not mean the Romanian left died. In fact the most voted party in Romania is oriented towards left. It’s probably mentioned here:

    Even more interesting about young people living abroad: try to find out what colleagues/friends of yours, Poles, Czechs, Bulgarians think about the subject. Have fun!

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