Rape vs. Murder

Recently, a video game RapeLay has caused a quite an international controversy. People want it to be banned in their countries. Almost all people would detest content of this game. It is interesting to see the people, who are fine with violent mass murder games, but strongly detest the game with rape content. There are some people, who also oppose violent games, but they are not significant in numbers.

If one attempts to decide the worse crime between rape and murder, then one will run into very difficult moral question. For sure, murder can not be counted lesser crime than rape. The idea of rape gives us such a repulsive feeling so most of us would refuse to put rape in a sentence, where rape is said to be a lesser crime. No one can really decide the question but It wouldn’t be much absurd if we treat both the crimes as equally immoral act. If this assumption is true then why most people dislike games like RapeLay but fine with murder video games.

I have one theory to explain this apparent absurdity in society. Although, we consider murder is absolute crime. But, we justify murder in some circumstances. For example, capital punishment for some crimes. We also train a large number of young men to kill enemy solider and enemy of the law. So in our mind, we create a moral exception that murder can be justified in certain circumstances.  On the other hand, rape has no social function to play in any circumstances. So, we reject any depiction of  rape that describe it less than most immoral act. That is why there is so much anger against this game.


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