Dark Energy

I have recently learned about “Dark energy”. It is a name given to an unknown phenomenon, whose only one effect we can observe. That is expanding and accelerating universe. All the theories explaining natural forces( gravitation and electromagnetism etc) predict expanding but decelerating universe.

Therefore, there must be something that is pulling apart whole universe, which we can not detect using any normal instruments on earth. Scientists have named this unknown something as “Dark Energy”. “Energy” because in mathematical equations this something appears as if it is some kind of energy. “Dark” because our instruments are blind against this energy.

I don’t like term “Dark Energy”. It has so many wrong connotations and it is misleading. We have no idea why universe is accelerating and we have wishful thinking to fit whole universe into a set of equations. We had great successes in mathematizing most of the Nature. And, we tend to believe that this must be true for every aspect of universe. So, if something doesn’t fit then our current equations and theory behind those equations must be wrong. There must exist another theory and a set of equations that predict correct behavior. Therefore, we are seeking after Dark energy.

Is it not itself a dogma?


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