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Three years of E2O: maintenance nightmare

Now I have been driving E2O electric car for three years. In three years, I have done 17K without any problems in drive train. Car is very smooth to drive and predictable battery performance. No noticeable decay in battery capacity. However, the build of the car is very poor. I have had plenty of small issues and resolving them have become my weekend pass time.

The braking system has failed two times and doors have failed at three occasions. A few plastic panels have been broken. The back seat latch has failed. AC has failed. Several electrical systems like horn, break lights, left-right signaling, head light, car locking, and electronic key have failed. Car navigation system almost finds nothing in the city and after an update keep prompting a massage repeatedly. The radio can not be permanently turned off. It turns on again when car is restarted.  Almost all subsystems have failed one time or another. Besides drive train, I can not think of anything that has worked for last three years reliably (read update!!).

On top of that, they do not store spare parts in Mumbai. Each time something breaks, they have to get it from Bangalore. It can take up to several weeks for the parts to reach Mumbai. I drove my car without AC for about a month.

I am not sure if the other e2o owners had the similar experience. Anecdotally, I have heard several similar stories.

Please do not get me wrong. I am a big supporter of electric cars. I love my E2O. The experience is like having an abusive spouse. Now, I am hoping to use the car for about two more years and dump the car as soon as some non-Mahindra enters in the market with a good electric car.

Leaf please come to India!!!

Update (2018-02-23): Now battery of the car has failed. The car is expected to be in the workshop for two weeks for diagnostics and no promise when the car will be back.


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