Indian Culture

I am OBC. Hu! Ha! Ha!

Due to recently introduced changes in Reservation system of India, Now my family comes in the range of OBC (Other Backward Classes). As they are expanding the percentage of reservation, they are adding larger and larger chunk of population in the definition of backward classes :). Such as, my family Gupta/Jaiswal has been moved from higher class to backward class. I don’t know why people of my family should get reservation. Most of them are rich. Some of them are filthy rich. They are major players of the business activities in Kanpur.

I came to know about this when my birthday was celebrated with all the Hindu rituals. My family, who lives in Kanpur ,gathered in my house. My cousin brothers told me about the benefit they are availing because of reservation. They can take IAS exam 7 times. They can get good enough engineering college even with rank 35000 in UPTU. They were very much happy with reservation. These are the same people who used to hate reservation and count all the negatives of the reservation.

Most interestingly, I have lost all the creditability of saying things. I pointed this change of their side then they said that i had found my way out and then i was talking idealism. People totally ignored me. Parents were telling their children not to take me seriously and keep doing what they are doing.